Do you have a small business, personal profile or an idea you want to develop into its true potential?

  • Would you like to identify the key elements that communicate exactly what your brand stands for and offers?
  • Or perhaps you need support with some new ‘concepts’ around your Branding?

REAL DEAL Productions helps you to reveal the true nature of your business; it’s culture, essence, spirit, and value!

Version 2

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Ellames and I am a Concept Branding Consultant. My role is to help you gain clarity about the ‘real deal’ value and message of your brand.

These are the four topics I cover in my signature branding process – 

  • The CULTURE of your brand invites your audience to engage and quickly becomes a place or experience that makes them feel like they belong.  
  • The ESSENCE of your brand is a perfected backstory; an experience that people relate to and want to share with others.
  • The SPIRIT of your brand is the genuine ‘life force’ that you bring to it; the ‘magic elixir’ that people connect to that makes them feel alive.
  • The VALUE of your brand is your ability to be of service, and how that adds value to the lives of others. 

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