Are you connected?

Create COMMUNITY Community is where you build your style of leadership. It is through your community that you see how your vision and talents as a new style leader benefit … Continue reading Are you connected?

Trust + Truth = Unity

Learning the importance of being connected and staying connected with people with whom you resonate with, is in fact what builds an effective community. Trust + Truth = Unity And … Continue reading Trust + Truth = Unity

The Art Of Adding Value

The Real Deal seminars tagline is #TheArtOfAddingValue … which was inspired by an extraordinary man known as “Bucky”. I came across Buckminster Fuller’s work over 20 years ago and it … Continue reading The Art Of Adding Value

Adding Value Is Good Business

Steve Jobs drew on many areas of social culture to see what the current trends were – and that’s because knowing what people value and desire in life, is what … Continue reading Adding Value Is Good Business

WOMEN – Your Brand Is Your Love Affair With Life!

Whisper in Love, Weep with Love and Wish only for Love. This is the Majesty and Language of the Heart. What we really want is Real Deal freedom… a pure … Continue reading WOMEN – Your Brand Is Your Love Affair With Life!

Steves 7 Golden Rules

The Steve Jobs’ phenomena touched nearly every aspect of IT life; computers, movies, music and mobile. As a personal brand consultant I have observed Jobs presentation, values and style many times over … Continue reading Steves 7 Golden Rules

Vitality and Value

The process of developing your brand crosses 4 areas. Personal and Professional Social and Spiritual Together they add vitality and value to your brand by defining, designing and delivering what … Continue reading Vitality and Value

Generousity Of Spirit

Over the last few months, I had the privilege of participating in a very powerful process with the Unite Your Light WOMEN team; It was the process of writing one version of my life story. I … Continue reading Generousity Of Spirit