Real Deal Power

Many female leaders mistakenly try to balance the shortcomings of dominant leadership by “over-relying” on their passive leadership tools such as empathy and collaboration. But getting people together to figure out … Continue reading Real Deal Power

What do you wear and share?

Sublime Style  Fashion is nothing to do with sex, fame or status and everything to do with your Attitude and Creativity – The way one presents to others is only ever … Continue reading What do you wear and share?

Are you connected?

Create COMMUNITY Community is where you build your style of leadership. It is through your community that you see how your vision and talents as a new style leader benefit … Continue reading Are you connected?

Is life meant to be soft, hard or fun?

#2: Express COURAGE Don’t wait to feel courageous. Act courageously even when you feel it the least. Only when you act in the face of fear do you validate your … Continue reading Is life meant to be soft, hard or fun?

Goodbye to Gossip

  Hello Integrity….. Dear old gossip has become an addiction for many women. It is seductive and builds an unhealthy intimacy among women, which creates false security. I believe the … Continue reading Goodbye to Gossip

Living With Desire

  It’s imperative that we bring forth our soul’s greatest desires. Our life is a gift not to be squandered and if we pick only one true heartfelt desire to … Continue reading Living With Desire

Do you know your Tribe Talkers?

Get Emotionally Involved With Your Tribe-Talkers… As New Style Leaders we tend to get lost in activities like designing flyers, writing blogs and growing a Facebook following—this can make us … Continue reading Do you know your Tribe Talkers?

Real Deal Men and Women

Is evolution handing the reins over to women? If we lift the veil on our Planet… what do we see right now? The dominant profit-over-people systems are going through major … Continue reading Real Deal Men and Women

Leadership Is Becoming More ‘Feminine’

Global Headline Findings: The Future of Leadership Communication is More ‘Feminine’ – an Enhanced Blueprint 1 – Leading by example, communicating transparently, admitting mistakes and bringing out the best in … Continue reading Leadership Is Becoming More ‘Feminine’