WHY we need STORY

We long for connection with all that is curious and creative. We are creatures who belong to each other for reasons beyond analysis, for it is our heart’s desire and … Continue reading WHY we need STORY

Are you up for it?

REAL DEAL 12 C’s #5. Live your COMMITMENT Know your commitment. Create a clear Vision Statement for your life and your business that inspires you and encompasses your highest values … Continue reading Are you up for it?

Is your job the same as your purpose?

Our Collective Vision Broadens And Strengthens Our Horizons… Practice CO-CREATION Invest in your own work and invest your time being with other co-creators. Develop innovations and systems that build connectivity. … Continue reading Is your job the same as your purpose?

What does being “In The Moment” really mean?

Today I made a fantastic distinction around Diversity = Dynamic One of the challenges of sharing ideas in family, team, and community – is we can experience control or get upset … Continue reading What does being “In The Moment” really mean?

Who knows you, really?

Become A Social Entrepreneur Connector  Home truth coming your way… I haven’t always been the best at the whole networking thing. I use to think, if I always do my best … Continue reading Who knows you, really?

Do we have more than one tribe?

  You become more of who you’re meant to be, by sharing yourself authentically with others. Becoming more of “who you know you really are” and making your greatest contribution … Continue reading Do we have more than one tribe?

What is Workplace Empowerment!

We all want to feel happy, satisfied and fulfilled when we go the work, after all it’s where many of us spent half our life.  They say Time = Money, … Continue reading What is Workplace Empowerment!

How’s your Projector working?

Are you a State of the Art PROJECTOR? A PROJECT requires clarity of intention and projection, which is precisely why it is called a project. In order for a project to become … Continue reading How’s your Projector working?