Is your personal style aligned with your brand; Your message?

If not… you can Change it!

It is important that what you stand for is reflected in your brand and your personal image because what you wear can express just as much as what you say.

What are you saying to your audience? 

Let’s be honest, we mostly sum a person up in the first 5 mins of meeting them. I know you want to say, “No way, not me I’m not like that at all.” Sure we all like to think we’re not that superficial, but the level of advertising around self-image, along with the “selfies” culture that’s rampant on social media suggest we are extremely influenced by what we look at. The first thing we LOOK at in a person is how they present. We either meet them and then look them up online or we look them up online, they want to check them out in person.

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