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Here’s what I LOVE TO DO…

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Ellames and my message for living a full life is: “Master your talents, create your art, give generously and never give up on loved ones or yourself… This is the only way I know how to do life and lead me to create a personal development tool called Living Attributes Typology, which consists of specific Modern and Mythic Archetypes. It’s a tool that defines and refines your true potential and purpose in life. Which inspired me to create another platform for my work – REAL DEAL Productions, Aust.

My role is to activate in people the desire to Live A Larger Story, through identifying their values and story-based brand – I have an extensive skill base crossing; Story-Based Branding, Visionary Leadership, and Self Development.

I have a few quirky talents; Pattern Recognition and Trend Forecasting 

Definition of Pattern Recognition – involves identification of faces, objects, words, images, sounds etc. The visual system does more than just interpret forms, contours, and colors. Pattern recognition refers to the process of recognizing a set of energy patterns arranged in a certain pattern that is characteristic of that set of stimuli or prototype. Pattern recognition does not occur instantly, although it does happen automatically and spontaneously.  Hence my skill set around Archetypal Patterning

Definition of Trend Forecasting is the practice of observing information; behaviors, lifestyles, needs, and choices and then attempting to spot a pattern, or trend, in the information. It can be applied to commercial and social environments and aides in the development of contemporary culture. Trend forecasting is observation and application. Hence my skill set around Narrative Development and Story-Based Branding 




Culture is a powerful element in becoming a New Style Leader. Creating new and exciting cultures for humanity is the Cultivators ultimate quest. I build a culture around my brand, which strengthens my leadership. People love to belong to something that is progressive and traditional at the same time. I create cultures that support my community.

Culture Builds Longevity In Your Leadership.


Here is my BACKSTORY…

1992 – Present

NOW Leadership Inc. – Elizabeth Ellames is Co-Founder, Chairperson, and Creative Director. NOW Leadership Inc. supports people that have a strong sense of purpose and who want to create new opportunities for our world. NOW Leadership Inc. provides unique leadership training, creates platforms and invites conversation, action, and unity in these areas; The Importance Of Belonging, Esteem Toward Women, Looking After Our Future, Collaborative Leadership and Activating Social Business

REAL DEAL Productions Australia – Elizabeth Ellames Creative Director. REAL DEAL teaches people how particular archetypes govern the story behind their brand – And why these archetypes strengthen a brands’ identity, ultimately giving them a unique and powerful platform as an influencer.

UNITE YOUR LIGHT WOMEN  – Elizabeth Ellames is the founder and creative director. The purpose of Unite Your Light is to activate an inner authority in women through social and spiritual development, which builds clarity about their personal brand and their part in the wellbeing of our planet. The group’s connectivity, enthusiasm, creativity, and collaboration form a genuine unity in each community. Unite Your Light Stellar teams meet regularly for the purpose of creating Social Change Projects at a grassroots level or globally. Unite Your Light WOMEN – Is where women contribute their gifts to support a cause or social change project/business and in turn recognize their life purpose.

LIVING ATTRIBUTES TYPOLOGY – Personal Development And Story-Based Branding For Women – The Living Attributes Typology, which consists of specific modern and traditional Archetypes. It’s a tool that defines and refines your true potential and purpose in life. With a career spanning over 30 years in the world of personal development combined with studying film for three years, Elizabeth has applied this body of knowledge in becoming an expert in the field of archetypes, narrative and story-based branding for personal and career development. She has an extensive skill base crossing; Pattern Recognition, Narrative Development, Visionary Leadership, Personal Development and Social Synergy. She simply loves creating dynamic cultures for businesses, public figures, and communities using her Living Attributes Typology tool.

STYLE EXPERT – Elizabeth covers many areas of personal image advancement – hair, make-up, wardrobe and personal development. She is based in Adelaide, South Australia and has worked with people internationally. She facilitates Image/Self-esteem workshops and consults on a personal and corporate level. Her latest location is a beautifully appointed studio in the fashionable North Adelaide area – Her Living Attributes business, offers client’s innovative styling and personal development programs as well as individual services.

PROGRAM DIRECTOR AND FACILITATOR – These are programs that Elizabeth has designed or co-designed and facilitated:

FRESH START PROGRAM – Personal profile consultation, hair styling, make up design, clothes shopping.

STYLE YOURSELF – This program is a definitive guide for women who are looking to feel more confident about their personal style. Through the exploration of icon’s and archetypes, you will see how these traditional and modern images have aided to create who we are today. This style workshop offers a realistic approach to modern beauty. Giving you finer distinctions on how to accentuate your finest attributes and bring out your natural beauty.

CREATING WOMAN SEMINAR – Elizabeth Ellames and Mia Handshin co-facilitated this 3-day program on image and communication. The program explored the concepts of personal style and authentic communication. The women learned how to recognize their personal style and power, through the world of female archetypes and speaking authentically from the heart. Elizabeth and Mia facilitated the women through a process and personal regime that strengthened their self-esteem.

ANOTHER POINT OF YOU – A two-day seminar on image and building self-esteem conducted in Australia. This program was co-facilitated by Elizabeth Ellames and John La Torre. The program focused on the expression of one’s character and used many experimental processes to demonstrate that.

THE ESSENTIALS – Elizabeth Ellames demonstrated professional ideas on how to create a polished image (conducted in Australia and Hong Kong.)

TO BE WOMAN – Elizabeth Ellames facilitated a five-day retreat that took women on a journey of creative self-expression. Through the magic of drama, storytelling, adorning, clay work, sacred ceremony, and meditation. The group discovered their creative self and how to bring it more into their daily life. Elizabeth conducted this program in Australia, Hong Kong, and Bali.

SCREEN STUDIES – Elizabeth studied film for 3 years at Flinders University. The course covered all genres’, directors’ styles, actor’s techniques, story/narrative and character development and the history of film. Elizabeth has applied this knowledge by becoming an expert in the field of archetypes, narrative, and branding for personal and career development.

PLATFORM ARTIST – Elizabeth has been a regular platform artist for major companies such as L’Oreal, Joico, Redken, and Sebastian.

TEAM CO-ORDINATOR – Elizabeth also headed the makeover team for international author/entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki’s program Powerful Presentations. (His team visited Adelaide – each year for four years) Her duties included co-ordinating fashion houses, makeup artists, and hair stylists as well as facilitating the outcomes of each makeover.

She also did the hair and makeup for the makeovers by American image guru Robert Ponte’ when he was in Adelaide, Aust.

TV APPEARANCES – “A lady with the right touch and an eye for detail” George Donikian – Media Personality. Elizabeth has featured as a special guest a number of times on Channel 7’s AM Adelaide / Showcasing her talents as an image specialist. Media releases – Elizabeth has also been featured in the South Australian magazine “Adelaide Matters.”

1974 – 1992

“Elizabeth’s creativity and vision have projected our industry to its highest levels.” Bill Peacock President of H.A.C.E.A.

SALON MANAGER / HAIR and MAKE-UP – Starting her career in 1974. Elizabeth immersed herself in a four-year apprenticeship. She was trained in all areas of Hair Design and Skin Care. When she completed her training at age nineteen she became the salon manager and trainer for a staff of fifteen people of a large progressive salon.

SALON OWNER – for eight years of the progressive North Adelaide salon “Viva La Tango”. Her staff was a team of five innovative and attentive stylists. She has gained many award-winning achievements over the years. Elizabeth has won nineteen major awards in all. (State, Australian and Australasian championships.) Her forte is “Total Look Concepts”.

FASHION DESIGN – Elizabeth had her own fashion label Viva La Tango for three years, a range of one only garments designed by her self. – Creative clothing with individual style.

Elizabeth Ellames –

Copyright © 2016 REAL DEAL Productions Australia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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