The Human X Factor


There are hundreds of seminars out there today, webinars, coaching on line, radio blogging and the list goes on.

So ponder this for moment….

There is a brand new trend in business and social culture emerging and its success will be determined by how and what we are able to provide in products and services that are truly human. Creativity is that thing that is truly human and technology canʼt produce or provide that.

That’s because we are the technology that created the technology – at REAL DEAL seminars we are all about finding out what the Human X Factor is in you and then working with that to serve humanity.

That is our job now, so to speak – in the past we made things to make our life easier, now we have to actually “create new life” on planet earth that is sustainable for all its inhabitants.

The way to unleashing the Human X Factor is through human CONNECTIVITY, true unity. This is where extra-ordinary things happen… this is where the magic takes place. However, the key is you have to be fully present and in resonance on all levels for it to be revealed.

Real Deal seminars is a leading edge formula, which supports New Style Leadership and creates Community for Social Change.

Come and experience the magic – March 28th – 29th 2015 – check event

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