Moving Forward


Congratulations all… We made it through another year of brilliance!

We have arrived at our destination after a 12 month journey of correcting and transforming our life in order to create positive change on planet earth.

We have been preparing for this Cosmic moment for thousands of years. Know that the results of this amazing ride have been victorious and glorious.

Remember, you already have within you everything you need to full fill your part of this Divine Plan. Enter and open your Higher Heart and from that place of connection, ask your Radiant Self to reveal to you the magnitude of the opportunities unfolding on Earth that will allow you to add to the Light of the world.

During the last few days of the year we often experience several powerful influxes of Light that have the capability of moving the Earth and all Life abiding on this planet forward into more available Light. In order for this to be accomplished, this Light must be drawn into physical manifestation through the Higher Heart of people in the physical plane.

That means you and me!

The success of this encounter creates the necessary contraction and expansion that results in birthing a New Earth reality. This birth takes place in the Upper Worlds during Earth’s alignment with the galactic core (Central Sun) of the Milky Way, which started to happened during the days of the Solstice, back in December 21-22, 2012. Even though we did not experience all of the perfection of the New Earth in our daily lives back on December 23, 2012, the Angelic forces inform us that once something has occurred in the Upper Worlds nothing can prevent it from eventually manifesting in the Lower Worlds.

The only variable is how long that will take and that is up to you and me and every other person existing on Earth.

The patterns of perfection for the New Earth must be drawn into the physical plane, the Lower Worlds, through the thoughts, words, feelings, actions, and beliefs of the Sons and Daughters of the Most Sacred and Holy One who inhabit our Earth. These patterns include the archetypical patterning of Divine Restoration that are building and birthing the New Renaissance.

This new paradigm for Earth reflects the profound Love and Truth that “We are all One” and that there is no separation. It also contains the evolutionary codes that will allow Humanity to respond to every situation with reverence for all Life.

The intention of the Surrounding Light is to inform the world during these events. In addition to this information your Radiant Self and Worldly Archetype will reveal your part in the Great Plan. You have been designed to fulfill this unprecedented time here on Earth. In order for you to be a GATEWAY for this influx of Light, which you are destined to be, it is critical that you remain in a state of Holy Presence and respond according to your inner guidance.

Elizabeth Ellames – The Change Agent

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