Moving from Me to We


As we lift the veil of separation among women, what do we see?

Unfortunately the first thing we see is fear, fear of loss, fear of control and fear of being left behind. We are now in conflict with ourself, we have fought for our liberation and here in the west I believe we have acheived it. We are socially liberated but on a consciousness level we are not. We are still trying to find what our true liberty means, which of course comes from our inner belief systems. We now suffer from our internal conditioning rather than external conditions. It’s time to set ourself free, free from all the behaviours our ancestral grandmother’s adopted in order to survive, these thought processes no longer serve us, its time to grant ourself true freedom.

Is it time for women to stop competing for position and time unite?

We are more than ready to bring forth the New Woman, our souls want to connect heart to heart and together dream a brand new day. The way of the past has weighed heavy on our hearts and we didn’t really know what was causing it. I believe the constant threat of competition has caused most of the destructive family and social behaviours among women. Today we have many choices and opportunities that bring us closer to our true potential. We know deep in our bellies that we are encoded with the power of unity. Where there is competition there is no innovation, but where there is innovation coupled with unity there is valuable momentum.

Are we responsible for our conditioned behaviour?

Our conditioned behaviour is an in-built protection system passed down from earlier generations, but now that system has become inappropriate for its environment. A bit like an old operating system on your computer, as soon as you know there is a new operating system available, everything about the old one seems to be irritating and slow. We can keep putting up with the old system or simply up loading the new system. Its all about responsiblity; the ability to respond – It’s just a matter of choice and perserverance. The key for me is to keep up loading my New We Operating System. It works every time!

Are you ready to move from a ME reality to a WE reality and be the Real Deal?

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1 thought on “Moving from Me to We

  1. me to we..yes. IT MEANS RISING ABOVE ALL MY STUFF AND ISSUES THAT i HAVE USED AS AN EXCUSE TO NOT CONNECT AND BE SAFE. IT MEANS SHARING MY LIGHT self with those that want to move with me and share theirs. It is a commitment to all I have said I value…..spiritual connection, loving relationships and light friendships to share the journey and offer inspirational work to the world, gracefully, lovingly, compassionately and with ease.


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