Give it to me NOW !

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. 
This is the number one mantra used in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and a great tool for those struggling with any emotional addictions or substance addictions. 

Lets have a think about this…. All the reasons why we are not or cannot do what our hearts desire are basically not true and only feed our emotional addictions or need for power… which we then hide behind.

This collective feminine shadow has been running a muck for a long time and needs some serious transforming.

We can either keep feeding its addiction or acknowledge its presence and decide to transform it into its full radiance and GLORY.

Real Deal Leadership is a vehicle of liberation and illumination…. Not a game of comparing and competition.

As real deal women we can collectively “correcting and transforming” the following;



Most women live with one or all of these addictions everyday…. we can use this information to keep stuck in our story/addiction or we can use it as a driver toward a new style of leadership.


Lets transform the female psyche from FADE to FLOURISH

So, if we have an addictive nature (and I believe all humans have) lets change our addiction to one that works positively for all of us.

We can turn our “creative impulse” into our soul’s addiction: Our Purpose

You know, that thing we just can’t live with out…. let it be our compass of JOY; our Obedient Heart ….. let that become our fix, our next hit.

I have a passion and burning desire to see women truly prosper into their authentic nature.

If this is my positive addiction so be it…. give it to me, give it to me NOW!

What is it that’s driving your passionate desires?


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1 thought on “Give it to me NOW !

  1. Very valuable information and insights here – evolutionary – thanks Elizabeth.

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