Rise Up 2012 …A dream come true.


Our Rise UP event was filled with so much excitement and hope for a New Humanity.

On the night of 22nd Dec 2012 we literally united the LIGHT of STRENGTH, COURAGE, INTEGRITY, FAITH, EXPRESSIVE, BEAUTY, FORGIVENESS, LOVING, INTUITION, KINDNESS, GRATITUDE AND DIVINITY with the larger Adelaide, Melbourne and Byron Bay communities. 

Together we created a strong social fabric that will support and grow the new humanity.

       547570_10151187362962828_424931231_n         16712_10151187361967828_1670331072_n 262737_10151187355827828_1676979092_n       481401_10151187356377828_952297916_n428907_10151187350362828_1372486938_n   dsc_0811
305452_10151187351472828_1430331757_n     dsc_0816

381972_10151187356087828_1401286911_n  560693_10151187357822828_1904779714_n  64065_10151187358517828_1912061666_n
27987_10151187350822828_19299435_n    dsc_0824


dsc_0873           dsc_0843

dsc_0848      407176_10151187352242828_1982349511_n



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