Stand Up And Lead…….We did it!


Once and a while something powerful comes along to say “Stand Up And Lead” this was that time. We decided to rise up and contribute to the birth of the new humanity.

Unite the Light has evolved into what it was always going to be; A New Style Leadership Program and a Community for Social Change, this is what was born out of our UTL co-creative society………….But first we had to grow into that role and re-cognise it in ourselves.

Thanks to our incredible connectivity and faith in each other we did actually grow into that role and take part in birthing a new humanity, a new way of being in the world.

Our event RISE UP unfolded so gracefully, it demonstrated our beauty and true collaboration. Each person delivered their part with absolute splendor. I believe our gifts to humanity were revealed that evening, which are our Light Attributes and Inner Quest.

For me I was defiantly present in all my attributes and absolutely voicing my quest. I felt totally alive with love, strength, quality, beauty, gayety, creativity, divinity and ceremony. My leadership style was indeed full of Benevolence, Prophecy, Bliss and Restoration. Plus I could see everyone else powering along in their own design of Leadership and it was a joy and privilege to witness such amazing transformation in women. I was in awe of everyone’s inner strength and ability to stay fully present to their vision at hand.

Our event was proof that this system is indeed sound. When one is devoted to working with it for the purpose of correcting and transforming their shadow self, it delivers them to their full potential. This is because it is archetypical based, it contains all the elements of story. Human beings are made from this stuff, they are the story. We are the colour, the attributes, the light and the shadow. We are always connected to the animal kingdom and we are also the Mythic Legacy that creates the human story.

The amazing gift in this system is that when applied correctly it reveals to you your Mythic Self, that part of you who is ready and able to serve humanity. This system activates the code to your true potential: Your New Style Leadership that the world needs in your lifetime. You are the Champion, the Brave Voice, the bold of Heart…you are the one you have been waiting for.

We sailed the oceans for 14 months, sometimes not knowing where we might end up. But through our devotion and will to stay connected we arrived….. Our ship has pulled in to a new harbour, a new and inviting land is abreast. On the 22nd of Dec 2012 we arrived at a new level of consciousness within ourselves and witnessed what is possible in community.

VISION…….. without it nothing changes…..with it everything is possible.  

To know your vision then to connect it with others is GOD in motion. I started this venture with this invitation in Nov 2011. This is was my invitation……..

“I have a vision to aid in the birth of a new humanity. I invite you to join your vision with mine so this may become a reality in our world”

What I learnt from this amazing venture was that some people’s visions are very clear while others are purely a presence in their heart. I now know that this is perfect, because when people can FEEL your vision and align with it, they then have a vision….. it becomes part of yours. This is actually one of the most important elements in propelling the vision into the process of creation. The heartfelt connection with the primary vision is what starts to pulsate and bring the energy/light in that is necessary for its alignment. And of course it will magnify anything that is not in alignment with what it is creating.

That is why the context of the program has been vital in its development, it had to have something to adhere to that was already working.

New Style Leadership and Community for Social Change was born out of CLARITY of VISION and HEARTFELT COLLABORATION. 

This is how the Unite the Light system works – Both personally and collectively the principles apply… needs clarity of vision within and heartfelt collaboration with their collective archetypes. When you have full collaboration with all aspects of your self (all archetypes) This activates your Mythic Self and are ready to serve the world; humanity.

Your presence literally becomes a creative contribution that brings about change/transformation and new ways of being in world.

Unite the Light has indeed moved beyond just a concept to a LIVING example of whats possible. We are the living example of how unity in community can create.

Blessings Abound and Love All Around

Elizabeth Ellames xxxx


7 thoughts on “Stand Up And Lead…….We did it!

  1. HooRah Elizabeth it has been quite a spectacular ride!!! Am looking forward to the next chapter. Love and Blessings to you Beautiful Woman. ❤


    1. livingattributes January 1, 2013 — 11:38 pm

      Blessings Bella xxx


  2. This has truly been a remarkable journey together. I feel honoured and awed by all that we have collaborated together and a true authenticity and belief within myself that was not there at the beginning. I am very much looking forward to this next journey as we go from strength to strength.


  3. Reblogged this on Lateral Love Australia and commented:
    Congratulations Elizabeth and all of the Stellar Groups, Unite the Light was a great achievement and a success, we are proud to have been included in your vision. Brian & Nicola Butler


  4. Beautiful its happening all over the world.


  5. Heartfelt Love and Gratitude Elizabeth! xx


    1. livingattributes January 14, 2013 — 2:41 am

      Thank you dear one…. you have been a driver for me in this whole venture xx


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