What will be your gift to the new humanity?

Unite the Light Leadership has been born out the desire to help women put their gifts into action. Knowing your gifts or purpose is only the first step.

It is in the interaction and connections within community that one begins to see how their particular gifts are of real value in the world.

I realized that it’s not enough to give people the information that aligns them with their purpose, but it is vitally important to provide an infrastructure that allows them to become co- creators and the New Style Leaders we need in the world.

Unite the Light offers a supportive and creative platform for women to shine together. It is a purpose driven community where members compliment each other’s gifts.

Together we are creating a social and spiritual fabric that is strong with the threads of Truth, Courage, Forgiveness, Faith, Integrity, Joy, Love and Beauty.

I see the nature of community and business changing –

Community becoming coherent connectivity between people and business becoming creative collaboration in community. Combined they become the new currency, which is “true value”. A shift in what we truly value needs to occupy our minds and hearts, this is what will create a new humanity.

To achieve this it requires 3 simple but important factors.

  • A LIFE, which equates to our vehicle.
  • A LOVE, which equates to our purpose.
  • A LEGACY, which equates to our contribution.


It is time for women to rise up together and remember our true value as human beings.


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TEL : 040 330 9696

2 thoughts on “What will be your gift to the new humanity?

  1. Beautiful……. strongly resonate and align with your longing and yearning in creating a new humanity . Love your formula!! LIFE + LOVE + LEGACY = TRUE VALUE Blessings and much love to you xox

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  2. Please contact me regarding becoming a guest on ENVISION THIS! We do weekly online radio interviews with visionaries of a more inclusive, resilient, and co-creative future. Merry Hall envisionthisradio at yahoo dot com. 207-522-2606

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