Vision Holding

Cultivate your resonance through maintaining your group VISION.

Practice and explore the concepts of these five fundamentals –

  • establish your clarity of vision
  • word of mouth marketing
  • quality by design
  • self-ordering structures
  • after sales service

Stellar Team Protocol.

We now have a new opening and closing format for our teams. 

                                          Each Stellar team now starts their individual meetings with each person on the team stating the position they are holding along with what their evolutionary impulse is. (their personal Vision) this in turn aligns with their Group Vision and also the Larger Group Vision.

Each team consists of four to five members

1 Vision Holder, 1 Stellar Co-odinator and 2 or 3 Frequency Holders.              Everyone’s position is equally important, because each members participation contributes to the quality and design of the whole community. We need each other to create the desired outcome. The team projects are actually created by the CLARITY and UNITY between each of us, which requires one critical ingredient COMMITTMENT.

At the end of the meeting the Stellar Co-odinator on the team delivers to the larger group what the collective outcome of their meeting was.

The other new development that has evolved is when taking your turn to share in your group – here is how to open your address.

Example –  “From the light of Stellar Co-ordinator, ………………..” or  “From the light of  Vision Holder………….”or “From the light of Frequency Holder. This style of conscious contribution helps to uphold the integrity and culture of your group as well as the larger group and ultimately creating a stronger and more effective expression of the light in the unified field.

This new practice is a perfect example of two of the above fundamentals.

  • Quality by design – Creating quality in a product, service or community through attention to detail in its design.
  • Self-ordering structures – Remaining totally present at any given moment creates the opportunity for self-ordering to occur naturally.

The other very important discovery regarding Vision Holding is that the stronger each teams primary vision is the more momentum occurs. The other team members may not all have a clear verbal vision, but as long as they are able to connect to the primary vision through their higher heart the group as a whole will take rapid leaps into the development of their desired outcome.

Love Elizabeth

What are some of your thoughts on these new and exciting discoveries?

1 thought on “Vision Holding

  1. This format really worked well for me last night. I really tried hard to listen better last night too and I found that when I spoke more truth came out. The continuous reminder of the light that I’m holding (ie as the queen holding the light of strength) consolidated my truth. I didn’t have to think about it so much either, so I think I was really operating from the heart.


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