Stellar Up Date

What a week – it’s so cool seeing all the wonderful activity going on in our Stellar Teams at present.

The evolutionary impulse and desire to connect heart to heart is so strong and absolutely beautiful. I’m sure if you took an aerial shot at night, each of you would be a glow with the light of your divine connections.

I have been holding my vision now for 20 years, I believe that vision is now taking form. The vision was “to assist in a planetary shift to the fifth dimension”. Back then I didn’t really know what that meant or what it would even look like, but as our Stellar Teams have grown in numbers and gone deep into their evolutionary growth my vision has become a reality.

The nature of this self ordering system; Unite the Light is proving to be an incredible vehicle  of love and light. We are working with a unique model of social synergy, which promotes authenticity. Each time we meet the field shows up and shows us what we are capable of becoming. And interesting enough it is something very simple, Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self.

My vision is coming to life before my eyes and all because of this one divinely simple message. The act of truly loving your neighbor like yourself opens the portal to the higher heart and that of course is the gateway to the fifth dimension. There you have it, we always had the gift to heal the world, we just forgot we had to do it together. When we remember we are all Gods family, we will be home at last.

Shoulder to shoulder we stand united and heart to heart we light the way.

Love Elizabeth x

I invite you to share what unity means to you?

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