Adopted Archetypes

Authentic Archetypes & Adopted Archetypes

The Living Attributes system is a body of work that has many components. But fundamentally it is the configuration of a persons four main archetypes, which are referred to as their Cornerstones. Each Cornerstone along with its traditional archetypes also has a set of affiliated support, such as light and shadow attributes, animal wisdom and angels.

This affiliated support is there to strengthen and give substance to your archetypical patterning. Once established and identified this system provides an effective tool that aids you on your path of personal and spiritual development.

Before you are able to fully embrace your four cornerstone archetypes, you may have to let go of one or two adopted archetypes. You adopted these specific archetypes because of experiences that are attached to your past. These adopted allies have been protecting a particular part of you that wasn’t ready to be seen or heard.

Adopted archetypes play out particular behaviours and eventually become what appears to be a destructive scenario. What is really happening is your adopted archetype is insistently letting you know it is time for you to release it and make way for your authentic archetypes.

The releasing of your past through the acknowledgement of an adopted archetype, aids in your personal evolution and gracefully helps you wake up to a new and deeper reality. This valuable discovery invokes questions like; “what’s going on in my life”? I believe the birth of this true enquiry is the birth of new life and it is your adopted archetype that has attentively led you to this enquiry. Its intention is to invoke and awaken in you your four authentic archetypes, which ultimately make up the perfect configuration of your highest and most sacred archetype, your Radiant Self.

The key factor in the discovery of your adopted archetypes is to not make them wrong. After all they have been doing their best to keep you somewhat safe, until you can confidently go deeper into your self-development and reclaim your true archetypes.

I encourage you to view your life like a story line that has many different characters.

It is important to see the significance of each character and why they were a crucial part in the development of your own story. In this discovery you begin to live your life from an awake and conscious viewpoint, eager to live your life fully and never wanting to miss a moment of this incredible story you are creatively weaving with Source.

Elizabeth Ellames

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