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WE transform your story from what may seem ordinary, to extraordinary. WE craft quality PURPOSE-BASED brand videos that provide a portal to your BUSINESS CULTURE; building you a platform of trust that leads to audience loyalty and engagement.

You may be asking “What is my PURPOSE?”


In this new era of consciousness, people are ‘waking up’ at a profoundly rapid rate. If you’re one of these awakened souls, chances are you’ve outgrown many areas of your life.

“The purpose of life is to add value by using your gifts, doing what you love.” However, you first have to get clear on what your gifts are and then what it is you love to do.

I can support you on your journey of identifying your purpose – All you need to do is attend my workshops or group coaching. This will build your confidence and help you grow the appropriate culture for your brand. And when you are ready we can craft you a quality video that uncovers your unique story and strengthens your profile as an influencer.


Stories are constantly knocking on the heart of humanity. And without these appropriate, soulful stories our culture can struggle to grow.  This is because we lose the ability to recognize the importance of ‘overcoming obstacles’ and the discipline to ‘protect our hope’, which is what fuels our vision and passion to create a brighter future – Our role at Real Deal Productions is to bring valuable stories to life that need to be seen and heard.

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Real Deal Productions can help you create an inspiring, influential and purposeful human story.

CONTACT  Elizabeth Ellames Tel 040 330 9696 Email

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