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This short factual film is a collective of stories, both raw and real. 

Its creative approach invites the audience to experience the power of people, place, stories, and art. Faces Of Clay takes you on a personal journey with people who are experiencing homelessness or have experienced homelessness.

See how they joined with a group of devoted Creatives from different backgrounds to create art, and openly tell their story. The film highlights the archetypical qualities of the Activist, the Artist, and the Outcast and gives the audience insight into how they often merge as one.

This merging of commonality reveals how it can heal our own humanity as well as our larger community.

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Why we did this film… 

This project was a genuine invitation to participate in a social change venture and all who have chosen to collaborate on this project have been committed to creating possibility and opportunity for personal growth on many levels – Moreover, everyone on the project has grown in their own humanity. No matter whether they are in production, storytelling, creating or making an appearance – they are all progressing their own potential or personal mastery, which in turn has added great value to the collective outcome of the project.


13 Morphett St, Adelaide SA 5000

The film will be shown at Mercury Cinema at the end of the Fringe, Thursday, March 14th


The production is open to donations from people who want to support this significant social change venture.

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“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself”- Joseph Campbell



Adelaide Fringe 15 Feb – 17 March 2019, held for the duration of Fringe

Opening Night: 

Date: Tuesday 19 February


China Town Plaza – Adelaide Central Market

The major pieces being created by Kahika Art and Scott Eames will be sold with proceeds going to the creation of the project and the respective charities.


80% of sales will go to the artist with the remainder being divided between the four charities

100% of sculpture sales from the auction will go to each of the charities


Sculptures will be created by Artists Scott Eames and Kahika Art and filmed by Real Deal Productions.

There will be four sculptures of individuals to portray, not only the form, energy, and emotion of the sitter but their story.  Created by Scott Eames.

There will be one large wall sculpture depicting the unity of community, created by Kahika Art and representing Baptist Care.

Short Film Screening

Real Deal Productions is filming the sitters being sculptured while they share their story. It will also feature backgrounds of the individual artists and the two coming together for the Art of Being Human. The result is a heartfelt documented experience of the humans in and behind the art.

The film will be shown at the Mercury Cinema near the end of the Fringe,

6.30pm Thursday, March 14th 2019

The REAL DEAL Production TEAM


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