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This short factual film is a collective of stories, both raw and real. Its creative approach invites the audience to experience the power of people, place, stories, and art. Faces Of Clay takes you on a personal journey with people who are experiencing homelessness and the ups and downs of being human. See why they joined with a group of devoted Creatives from different backgrounds to create art, and openly tell their story. The film highlights the archetypical qualities of the Activist, the Artist, and the Outcast and gives the audience insight into how they often merge as one.

This merging of commonality reveals how it can heal our own humanity as well as our larger community.

The Real Deal Productions and ADELAIDE VIDEO teamed up to film the sitters while the artist created a clay sculpture of them, we also invited each person to share their backstory through out the process.

The film features the backgrounds of the artist and the sitter, and how the two coming together creates a window into the life and spirit of the Artist, the Activist, and the Outcast.

The result is a heartfelt documented experience of the humans in and behind the art.

Why we did this film… 

This project was a genuine invitation to participate in a social change venture and all who chose to collaborate on this project were committed to creating the possibility and opportunity for personal growth on many levels – Moreover, everyone on the project has grown in their own humanity. No matter whether they were in production, storytelling, creating or making an appearance – they were all progressing their own potential or personal mastery, which in turn has added great value to the collective outcome of the project.


The film premiere was at the Mercury Cinema on

Thursday, March 14th 2019  

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself”- Joseph Campbell

The REAL DEAL Production TEAM

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